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We specialize in building
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Commercial Construction

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We can provide design and build
services for our commercial clients. We can
do new construction or remodel your existing areas.

Welcome to Stone Ridge Homes

Stone Ridge Homes specializes in building attractive, award winning custom homes that flow well , are energy efficient, maximize usable space, and build cost effectively utilizing the latest techniques and products. You can either choose from one of our existing plans and modify it to meet your needs or we can design from scratch a home to fit your lifestyle

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Mansfield Commercial Insurance Services

When a disaster strikes a business, of course, operations can be disrupted to the point to where it can have devastating consequences for a company’s bottom line. That’s why at Stone Ridge Homes, we will act swiftly to help speed the repair process in the event of an accident, severe weather or any other type of event that causes damage to your commercial property. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us once you discover that damage has taken place.

You can count on us to act quickly in sending a professional to inspect the damage and speak with you regarding the details of the claim you will be filing. We know how important fast action is in this sort of situation, and will do everything we possibly can to keep your operations running smoothly. Once your claim has been approved, you can rest assured we will fix whatever damage has occurred efficiently and effectively.

Other Commercial Remodeling and New Construction Services

If your project is not mentioned in the preceding list, please call us or fill out this form and we will quickly respond.

Fast Repairs

If you need a quick, temporary repair in order to resume operations after suffering property damage, we can help. If your building’s roof is torn apart by wind during a storm, for instance, we will be able to provide a sturdy, temporary fix that will provide necessary shelter to employees, customers and company assets. These repairs will take place before the insurance claims process begins. We want you to be confident that you are making the best possible decision for your company, so we will clearly spell out all of your options before starting any work.

Information that Will Help Us Serve You More Efficiently

  • What is the name of your insurance provider?
  • What is the claim that you are filing?
  • How much is the deductible?
  • Has a claim number been issued?
  • Has a check been issued to you?
  • Please provide a description of the circumstances surrounding your problem or claim.

How the Insurance Process Works

  • At the first sign of damage, take pictures of all of it and make detailed notes regarding what you see.
  • We’ll come out and perform an inspection of your commercial property.
  • Our representatives will talk to your insurance provider.
  • We’ll take care of whatever temporary repairs are necessary to keep your operations running.
  • Then, once the insurance company has approved your claim, we’ll perform permanent repairs.

Our Contractors

A Stone Ridge Homes, we are experts in commercial construction. We only hire professional, experienced contractors so you can be 100 percent confident that your remodeling, repair or construction project will be performed right the first time. We are passionate about delivering the best customer service, and we take a great deal of pride in every job that we do. If your commercial property has suffered damage and you are looking for help dealing with the insurance claim process, please let us help. Contact us online as soon as you can by calling us at 817-992-7832.

Stone Ridge Homes by Louis Howell is a family owned business that puts and emphasis on quality in every service we provide. Give us a call today for your next project.

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